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We are still working on things, nothing has been abandonded.

Also, we will be restructuring the site to go to the $7 a month plan to save on costs.

Quick update: Changed forums to community, added drop down menu's to community, ranks and apps.

Also, youtubers will come back, I will need to make a custom thing for that though since the previous layout required 1 module per video.

After a long talk, we will be implementing certain changes to wickedcraft. We feel it is important to inform players about the changes we will be implementing. Also, we urge players to give suggestions as to what they would like to see.

  • First off; with a heavy heart, we will be replacing the towny map. It has gotten to the point we can no longer justify the sure size (OVER 200GB) given our extremely low player count.
  • Next, we are changing server hosts to a cheaper solution. This may cause some minor issues, if you find any, please let us know.
  • It has also been decided that with a heavy heart we will kowtow to the EULA due to it's enforcement being prevalent in 1.9.3 blacklist (We currently are not on it, but that is because we are flying under the radar with a low player count...). Though we have yet to decide exactly how we will be abiding by the EULA, If you have concerns or suggestions, please inform us.
    Given the circumstances such, we have temporary disabled the shop.

If you have any questions or conserns of anything mentioned above, please let us know. We shall try to keep you all updated while we faze though this change.

You may post either here or in the forums here: http://wickedcraft.net/forum/m/15159560/viewthread/27443181-reguarding-19-changes

jonakatrain bummer i was also hoping to download the map. LeathernLace my mom was a member of my town and recently passed away. i ...
LordArrani Is there any chance that the towny world will be up for dowload? I know that many of us put a lot of effort into the bui...

I grew tired of waiting for the dev to release a fix so I compiled it myself.

Yay magic carpet!

joszamora x how do we get on servers
PlasmaPod Glass Dupe Bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAisMpqbKaw
PlasmaPod it is somewhat fixed magic carpet causes farmland in protected towns to turn to dirt Before After

After a ton of work, CP skyblock is now back online!

Please post any issues glitches or bugs if you find any.

princcce7 sorry for commenting on this so much but seeing as this is the only gamemode i play on minecraft period basicly, i do no...
princcce7 oh, i noticed the spawn shop doesn't work anymore. just like override, if there is anyway i can help i will. just s...
princcce7 I was wondering if you might make it ot where we can use netherportals? i know the old CPskyblock didn't, but i mad...

Spleef has been upgraded with a brand new stats tracking system and leader board!

You can now spectate your friends while they play too!!!

/warp spleef and play today!

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I am unable to join the towny server. It just times out each time I try
If this happens to you: [link] hit ctrl+f5 to reload the page. Cause is unknown...
Cool new home page!
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