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Christmas Rank Sale! 15% Off!

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ WickedCraft.net
posted Dec 8, 14
Christmas Rank sale is now in effect! 15% off all ranks and rank upgrades!

Use the coupon code "xmasyay" to get the full discount when you check out.

Help support the server and keep it running :)

Premium is now $12.75
VIP is now $25.50
Premier is now $38.25
Wicked is now $68
Hero is now $110.50
Overloard is now $238

Towny 1.8 update progress.

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ WickedCraft.net
posted Dec 8, 14
Bugs are being found and patched fast now :)

I have implemented a new easy to use Bug Report Ticket System If you find a new unknown bug, exploit, glitch, or something that is simply broken and report it you will be rewarded.

The biggest bug find so far was by Teaghand This was a major bug that effects every server upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8. For his find he was given 5 Keys!

In the event of server destroying issues found, There may be rank upgrades given.

Update status:
  • Items and signs have been restored at spawn and in the mall.
  • Mall chest shop signs work again
  • Mall shop rental system is 45% recoded for uuid 1.8 update
  • Public Mines now useable again
  • Spleef is disabled till plugin is fixed :(
  • Town taxes and upkeep have been disabled till town balances issue is looked into
    • I'm coding a merge tool to fix the balances from the backup along with people's missing homes
  • Nations are cheaper to make now 500$ vs 1000$
  • Nation upkeep is cheaper now


  • Server loads
  • Factions still needs some configuration
  • pd command now teleports you at least 1000 blocks away from any faction

Towny server update news

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ WickedCraft.net
posted Dec 5, 14
Tony messed up and halved every towns balance for no reason. I tried to fix this by giving every town 1000-5000$ but it messed up even more and took that money from every towns bank :(

To make up for this Taxes have been temporarily turned off.

There has also been several modifications. Nations now cost 500$ to start.
Towns now cost 50$ to start
Traveling costs have been drastically reduced

I am sorry for any trouble this has caused.
spidermonster88 Its always Tony ...
eli10237 Gosh dang it Tony, always screwing things up.

Towny Now 1.8

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ WickedCraft.net
posted Dec 4, 14
It took me 48 hours to complete but the server is now running 1.8 :)
All data has been backed up. Everything looks to check out.

There is a BRAND NEW NO CHEAT SYSTEM INSTALLED! No more AntiCheat!!!
This system is still being debugged. If it banns you post a report Immediately and I will unban you and give you a gift for your troubles.

Known issues:
mall shops are not working properly, the plugin needs a update.
Strange Weapons are derped, Please don't use them!
armor stands will not LWC protect
Keys and crates broken
Item drops broken :(

If you see anything unusual, find a bug, find a exploit, or something isn't working right PLEASE report it to staff or post it here on the forums. You WILL be REWARDED!

Enjoy :)

derpthebass Moogle i don't know if this has been reported but hoppers don't work they don't connect to chest or funaces.I don't know ...

Main towny down for 1.8 update

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ WickedCraft.net
posted Dec 3, 14
Server will be down while I take a full backup and start the 1.8 update.
While waiting you can play skywars or explore creative :)

Hopefully this wont take too long.

See live update progress  with fun music on the live stream http://www.twitch.tv/haxtormoogle

MarkJ15 I've been wanting to do so much with the uno.ucho items
kylertheminer Nice to see that wicked is going to be on 1.8!
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